Plugin manager no longer works in os catalina

I recently upgraded to 10.15.4. The plugin manager no longer works and it seems that I need a new “shell” get it to function. I am technically challenged and find the process of changing this shell daunting. Please advise.

You probably need to reinstall git.

Thank you, Georg. I’ll give it a try.

Sorry. None of the instructions on the git page make any sense to me. For example, “homebrew.” I don’t want to make any bathtub beer, I just want Glyphs to function fully (yes, this is a “frustration pun.”). Is there anyone, any where, that can walk me through the process? Thanks.

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At that link there are two things open to you: install XCode, from Apple, or install the binary packaged offered by a third party. There are links for both. It really is like installing a normal program.

Georg, alles in Ordnung jetz. Thank you for tolerating my ignorance. Chuck