Plugin: Trial Export


Is there a plugin that can help export a selection of glyphs, to export only Basic Latin or only Cyrillic?
I find myself going into each glyph and ticking the export takes more time than it should.
Might be a great plugin for trials where a predeterminate “limited set” can be ticked:



Here’s an easy way to do it:

  1. Make a Custom filter using the names of only those glyphs you want to export; you only have to do this one time.
  2. Select All > deselect the export box;
  3. Select your Custom Filter, do a Select All > select the export box.
  4. Export the font.

That should get you what you want.



You can always punch in a custom parameter like »Keep Glyphs« which will (as it says) only keep the desired glyphs on export. You can make a copy of your instance with that CP and you’ll even get both versions: full char set and limited one. Possibilities are endless.