Plugin Updatecheck

The Plugin Updatecheck used to work until January 2016. Since then it didn’t show any updates though there definitely are newer versions available. I’m currently on v875, OSX 10.9.5. No Messages in Console.

BTW: Would it be possible to enhance the Pluginspanel to show the installed versionnumber and the Repo-Link even when apparently up-to-date? This would be useful not only to check for missed updates but also to view the repos readme for example.

I’m working on a completely new plugin management tool. I hope that solves this issue. But the normal update mechanism should work. Can you send me one of the plugins that should show an update?

Thanks, good news. Unfortunately I manually updated every plugin yesterday to be sure to have current versions, so I cannot tell for sure, which ones exactly didn’t work (No current backups either). However I remember the first time I noticed this was the January LayerGeek update which didn’t show up, despite the URL in the Info.plist beeing correct. Will report back if it happens again. But thank you for working on a general plugin manager improvement.

Is there any way to check plugin updates in G3 and get notified? Or is G3 updating the plugins automatically? I’ve just saw there were updates for some plugins in G2 and I’ve got notified.

Glyphs 3 should automatically update plugins that are installed through the plugin manager.

Is it supposed to update plugins automatically? For me it doesn’t, I have to uninstall and reinstall plugins to update them. Is there another way to do it? I’m on 3.0.3

Right. I checked the automatic updating and it works now.