Plugin window management

I have a couple of questions for filters with a window:
• an NS window of the filter made with Xcode floats above the Glyphs and macro windows, not allowing interactions with them. Is it possible to enable interactions without closing the filter window? (a Vanilla window with scripts would allow this)
• I have an NS window with several buttons on it. After pressing some of those buttons, the NS window should remain open, while after pressing other buttons, the window could be closed. I tried
but both return an error. print(self) returns the name of the plugin, while print(sender) returns the id of the button. How do we point to the window itself?

There are several different configurations.

The Filter with Dialog uses a modal window. That means it blocks all other access.
There there are normal windows. They can be in front of or behind other windows. That can be controlled by the window level. NSFloatingWindowLevel will always stay in front but allows access to the other windows.

What are you trying to do? I try to discourage the use of floating windows as that clutters the screen. If you like to regularly invoke a function (something like the RMX Harmonizer) it is much quicker to add a shortcut to open the window. This is quicker than using the mouse to click something in a floating window.
If you need the window to show some properties, consider a custom info view or a pallet plugin.

To close a window, you need to send the the close command to the window itself.
For the FilterWithDialog, do this: self.dialog.okDialog_(self) or self.dialog.cancelDialog_(self)
If you set up your own window: self.window.orderOut_(self).

Thanks. I see that I was pushing to something that was not intended. I went back to a general plugin and a Vanilla window.