Positioning components is difficult


I have ligatures f_f_l, f_f_k, etc. and I’d like to use components to build them. I’ve prepared f-base component and l-base, k-base ones, but I find them difficult to position. Align selection and automatic alignment don’t work, snapping doesn’t work, I don’t see nodes…

It would be great if align selection with origin anchors could work…

You have to set the spacing of the components correctly. Then the auto align should work.

How did you name then component glyphs? They should be “f.XXXX” where the XXXX can be anything you like.

I want to position components manually, because in some situations it seems to be more convenient.

Like with f_f_b and f_b ligatures. I have 3 components f-lig-base (first “f”), f-lig-base-end (second “f”) and b-base (b).

Here, the position of b-base component is varying, because there are two "f"s or just one. Do I have to create additional component to space it?

As You can see my naming habit for component consists hyphens. I haven’t noticed any issues with that. Am I right?

If you replace the first hyphen with a period the auto alignment should work. If you then change the spacing of the component glyphs, the positioning of the components should adjust accordingly. The two “f” glyphs should have roughly the same spacing than the regular “f”.

If that does not work, can you send me the .glyphs file?

Ahh I didn’t know that period-naming does the trick :slight_smile: Ok. Now I know how it should be done .


BTW when I change sidebearing of a component with cmd+shift+arrow Glyphs crashes when ligature that contains this component is visible next to it. When I remove this ligature works fine. Also I can change a value of sidebearing typing numbers in gray box and it doesn’t crash.

No. It crashes also when I type. And sometimes when I cut/paste paths.