Possibility to change the ui-font of glyphs

Is it possible to change the fonts used in the ui of glyphs?

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No, the system font is used throughout the app. Are there specific places where you would want to change the font, and why?

I don’t want to offend anybody, but in my opinion, the slashed zero is not optimal. The slash is to horizontally. So it is hard to distinguish the zero from the eight especially in higher resolutions.


Which font is used here?

This is the slashed zero of the system font. Glyphs uses a slashed zero because the LSB, RSB, and width fields can also contain glyph names and thus letters like O. This, together with other alternative glyphs, helps differentiate between o0OIl1.

I can see that 8 and 0̷ might be closer in their design than is optimal, but I’m not sure if a different design for 0̷ would be more effective.

The following link might be of interest: https://github.com/jenskutilek/FiraSystemFontReplacement
But this is a huge undertaking that affects the whole system, not just Glyphs.

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