Possible Bug? Copy Glyph Names doesn’t work

The contextual menu option to copy glyph names separated by space, slash etc. doesn’t work for me anymore. Nothing will be copied. The last copied text in memory will be pasted.

Glyphs 3.0.4 and previous Glyphs 3
Mac OS 12.0.1

Any Ideas what goes wrong? Thank you…

That was discussed before and I fixed it already.

:+1: Thank you!

Hi Georg, thanks for fixing this. Can we push this fix to Glyphs 2 as well, please?

Fixed it.

This is still not working for me. Same specs as @Juergen: Glyphs 3.0.4, Mac OS 12.0.1, Mac Mini M1.

I’m realizing now that it may be in a yet to be pushed out update.

Hi! Mac OS 12.0.1, Glyphs 3.0.4 3102 — still doesn’t work!

Right. Put the fix in the right place now.