Possible bug [Glyphs 1.3.19 (452) beta]: exporting font seems to be missing Font/FamilyName

Glyphs 1.3.19 (452) beta

AFDKO’s compareFamily failing on exported font that was fine with Glyphs 1.3.17. Failing (with backtrace) at:
Single Face Test 3: Check that name ID 4 (Full Name) starts with same string as Preferred Family Name, and is the same as the CFF font Full Name.

The output from ttxn is also quite different. It looks like the FullName and FamilyName disappeared, along with the namerecord section. I figured the variance of sidebearing and node numbers were probably related to changes in the RemoveOverlap and RoundCorners filters.

I haven’t yet created a simple font (say, a single glyph) to test with, but thought I should report the issue before finishing those tests, figuring you might be able to do some diagnosis/testing using the AFDKO tools and/or comparing output between versions.

Since 1.3.19 seems to save the details within the .glyphs file in a different order than 1.3.17, I can’t use a simple diff to compare the .glyphs files.

I fixed this. Thanks for reporting this.

But keep in mind that several of the warnings from compareFamily are not actually an issue.

Of course, re: the warnings. I did see it listed as being specific to what some of the Adobe folk use for their work. But, having it bail when it didn’t before was the red flag.

I’m currently looking to see what aspects of the AFDKO tools will be part of my workflow.

And, thanks for fixing the issue. Looking forward to the full 1.3.19 release.