Possible to change the reference height of default anchors?

When using the Set Anchors feature, on some glyphs the top anchor ends up in the wrong place, i.e lowercase glyphs that have ascenders, f, d, t, h, k, etc… is it possible to define this is the GlyphData so Glyphs App knows to automatically place them at the ascender, or cap height?

There isn’t any user specified position now, but that is a great idea. Maybe entry fields in the Info > Master panel?

It has to be glyph specific. Putting it at the corresponding top vertical metrics hight is a perfect position but to pick the right one is tricky sometimes. I think about adding it to the glyphData.

glyphData entry for anchors == good idea. I hope you do it.

Has this been implemented?

I’ve changed my position on this. The default now in use is fine; use Rainer’s script Anchor Mover to set it per font to where you want it.

I didn’t know about this script… thanks for the heads up!