Possible to export paths (incomplete shapes) as a font?


I think what I’m trying to do is impossible, could you please confirm/deny?

I’m messing around with stroke styles on the outlines of a typeface in illustrator, and I want to be able to export the paths, which are incomplete as I’ve removed sections, as a typeface for easier use. See example: http://tinypic.com?ref=w9ffpw

Due to way fonts are rendered will this never work? With my current export settings the unfinished paths are invisible.



Your image didn’t come up for me but yes, I believe open paths are disallowed in the final font formats Glyphs produces. That’s why the app just deletes them on export. You could make super skinny closed paths with Offset Curve if that suits your needs.

Glyphs does not delete them if Remove Overlaps is deselected. But that is not the problem, the problem is the software that uses them. The final closing path is not explicitly mentioned in the path definitions of the exported fonts. It is implicitly assumed by the software rendering the font.

We have had this discussion before. Search for implicit closepath in the forum.