Postscript Type 1 fonts, Wrong Metrics

The following file ( ) should have these metrics:

Cap Height: 700
Ascender: 500
X-height: 500
Descender: -250,

But when I open it in Glyphs App, I get the following:

Cap Height: 800
Ascender: 700
X-height: 500
Descender: -200,

Any clues? (If it helps, When I run a conversion to ttf with FontForge through a shell script, it gives me the same erroneous values)

Can you please use a different hosting service in the future? Like Dropbox or cloudapp. Free, and no popups and download slowdowns there. I’ll have a look at your file in a minute, I hope.

The only vertical metric I could find in the PFB was an x-height of 500. The others are not set.

Sure. That’s strange; this is what I see in glyphs

and Robofont

This are just the default values.

Perhaps I was unclear before. Inside the PFB you uploaded, there are no vertical metrics stored except the x-height. And the x-height is reverse-engineered correctly everywhere, it seems.

For the other metric values (ascender, descender, etc.), the apps can only use their default values, as Georg pointed out.