PowerPoint on PC

I’m at my whits end, I have a font family with 3 members.
Regular, italic and bold. Works fine on Powerpoint Mac as a family. On a Powerpoint PC the bold seems to work on the ‘B’ button but the ‘I’ gives a faux italic.
But the plot thickens… If I embed the font in Powerpoint on the Mac the presentation works fine on the PC with real bold and italic… If I then load the fonts on the PC it goes back to faux italic! So ok let’s not load the fonts, all OK? No, if we make a PDF what’s italic comes out regular. I have matched the font info to a font family that works fine. These are fonts we use as our corporate style and have a site licence for, I just want to make usable in Powerpoint PC. The original fonts were Medium, Medium Italic and Bold which the PCs didn’t like.
Any thoughts appreciated!

Two thoughts:

  1. PowerPoint pretty much sucks typographically, the current version is a hopeless case. To cut long stories short, it does not properly support OpenType. If the B and I buttons work everywhere else, I bet my money it is another PowerPoint bug.
  2. All you can do on the font’s side is make sure you didn’t mistype the style names Regular, Bold and Italic, and that you set weight class and style linking correctly.
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Thanks, that’s kind of my feeling too, I’ll give it one more shot. As to style names must they be capitalised?
It alway leaves me in wonder how buggy Microsoft products seem to be…

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Just checked, they were. So looks like PowerPoint is the issue…