Precomposed letters break combining mark ligatures

Ligatures made from multiple combination marks such as breve plus dot accent doesn’t work on precomposed letters that include the first mark as a component.

How can I fix this problem?

  1. Where? In which app?
  2. Did you update ccmp? And does the mark ligature show up there?

1: It was specifically made in the full version of glyphs 3 version 3.0.4 (3108). The bug shows up in the Glyphs 3 text preview, textedit and pages.
2: Yes, the mark shows up there. It works for every letter except the precomposed letters which include those marks.

If you want this kind of mark combination to work with precomposed characters such as ă, then you need to decompose ă before you combine the marks:
sub abreve by a brevecomb
This decomposition will make the brevecomb available for the following substitution:
sub brevecomb dotaccentcomb by brevecomb_dotaccentcomb

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This solves the problem, thanks. Is there any way to have this be generated automatically for all the precomposed letters?

For now you would need to write a script to generate the feature code.