Predefined sorting parameter missing

Hi, I have imported a UFO file from FL6 and my glyphs have come in with predefined sorting even though i had it unchecked in my preferences. I have looked in the font info panels for the custom ‘glyph order’ parameter to delete it but it is not there. My glyphs are appearing in a pre-defined order and the wording ‘predefined sorting’ is appearing above my glyohs when i select the ‘latin’ option.

I am using Glyphs 2.6. Can anyone suggest what i should do?

Many thanks

Try Cmd-A, then under Glyph on the menu, select Update Glyph Info. That will likely fix it.

Thanks George! I did try that earlier but didn’t realise i ahd to select all the glyphs at once before doing so. That fixed it.


You don’t need to select all. There has to be at least one glyph selected.

Grreat - thanks Georg. All sorted now. Many thanks for your help!

This seems to be strange. Glyphs doesn’t sort the glyphs on import to give you a chance to set an “glyphOrder” parameter.