Preferences: Background Color

With Glyphs 2 I was able to create a light gray Foreground stroke color with a Background color of black.

With Glyphs 3 it looks like the stroke color and background color are one and the same, but I’m having trouble with a black foreground stroke color, it’s just too harsh and contrasting.

Is there any way to set the foreground stroke color separately from the background color of the glyph now?

What do you mean by “stroke color and background color”? Can you show a screenshot?

I’ll put together a screenshot. But, with Glyphs 3 in the Preferences pane when I adjust ‘Foreground Stroke Color’ it works, but it also changes the color of all text in the main editor window.

In Glyphs 2 all text in the main editor window remains black text and only the foreground stroke color changes.