Premiere Space Issue

Hi guys

I have an issue reported from a client, regarding Premiere.
The issue is that subtitles set in my typeface, appears with something like double spaces between words, while helvetica or another of my typefaces, displays just fine. All space marks has been checked and opentype features been looked through, but there’s absolutely no indication as to what could be the issue.

Hope to hear from you soon


Do you have a non-breaking space in your font with =space as the width metrics key?

Or better yet, make sure all the spaces in Font tab > categories > Separators > Other are in your font.

Hi Rainer

Yes - it’s there in this exact font. In another font, it’s not there but displaying correctly in Premiere.

I can try to add every single space (5 or so are present now), but I again have to say that this error occurred with many other retail files from bigger foundries.

Upon inspecting other fonts that worked, there was no difference in glyph presence and OT features. It’s weird

Maybe it’s also a bug in Premiere?

Definitely a possibility, knowing the endless bugs in their other programs. I will run a few more tests tomorrow and see