Preserving line breaks

I am spacing tabular figures. I put them in rows like this:


I’d like to save it in some txt file for later use, but when I copy/paste it, line breaks are not preserved and I have to again hit enter on line endings.

How to preserve line breaks?


And I’ve noticed another strange thing. This happens only to glyphs that names are preceded with slash eg. /zero.tosf , /Zdotaccent .

I place a caret at the beginning of a row and I select glyphs one by one with keyboard (shift+right arrow).
After selecting the last glyph, I can select one more - a line break, I assume, because there is an additional click before caret goes to another row.
And here is: when I copy (cmd+c) the selection and paste it somewhere, the last glyph (preceding the line break) isn’t pasted.
When I copy a selection without line break, the last glyph is pasted.

Fixed this. Thanks for reporting this.

Thanks for fixin this :slight_smile: