Prevent glyphs from inheriting component anchor

I’m using glyphA as a component in glyphB and glyphA has an exit anchor but I don’t want glyphB to have an exit anchor. Is there a way to do this other than decomposing (or duplicating) the component?

What about the other way around? I mean: make B the path-based shape without exit anchor, add it as component in A, and add the anchor there.

This works in some cases (and I already do that), but not in this particular one since glyphB has additional paths to glyphA.

What I do in cases like this, is look for potentially reusable shapes (e.g. the common denominator of A and B in this case) and turn them into completely separate _part.* glyphs, and reuse those rather than path-based letters. Added advantage: you can add smartness to them if you need it, and use them as smart component.

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Thanks. That is the duplication I wanted to avoid (the component glyph will be identical to glyphA), but I guess there is no other way.