Preview area dragging stops working, always center stops working

Dragging the preview area left and right in Glyphs 3 stops working a lot. I drag it around a few times and it freezes in place. To fix this I toggle “Always center active glyph” on or off, sometimes twice, and it starts working again.

“Always center active glyph” sometimes works even when it is not checked.

I am currently using build 3099. I have had these problems since Glyphs 3 was released.

This is still the case today, version 3145.

Does it work again after a restart of the app?

I have a suspicion that a script or plug-in interferes and breaks the mechanism.

I just had a look. There seems to indeed be problem when “always center…” is off. I’ll have a look.

Edit: It seems that is might get stuck when the one drags quite a bit to either side. I’ll add a context menu to reset the drag position. That should fix this.