Preview doesn’t work anymore

My preview button doesn’t work anymore, means I can’t see anymore the preview window. Is there a possibility to repair that?

Does it happen if you restart Glyphs and make a new font?

Did you change anything lately?

  • I placed the program icon in a folder (within the program folder)
  • I updated to 1.1.6

I tried a new font, as well as an existing font.
When I start glyphs the button “preview” is pressed, but the preview isn’t visible.
After pressing the button again, it can’t be activated anymore.

would it help to delete the preferences?
where can I find the preferences of glyphs?

how can I upload a screenshot to the forum?

You have to put it somewhere else (like dropbox) and then link to it.

+1 for the same issue.

I could reproduce this. Will be fixed in the next update.

Deleting the preferences helps. But do not close the preview.

how can I delete the preferences?

The preferences are stored at ~/Library/Preferences/com.schriftgestaltung.Glyphs.plist
If you are on Lion, the Library folder is not visible. To open the preferences folder, open the Finder and press cmd+shipt+G and put ~/Library/Preferences/ into the text field.

Thanks, preview is visible again.