Preview doesn't work in Beta

I’ve been working with the Beta (updating regularly, now running ) since Barcelona and all is good (more or less) except that I lost the preview a couple of days ago and since then it just doesn’t show up. No weights, masters rendered. It doesn’t work with existing files neither if I try to create a new one. I’m running on Maverick (10.9.5).

Any idea?

Well, it just returned after all that efforts in vain and two minutes after my post…

OK, so this is a bug report—when I turn on ‘Show Interpolations’ and refresh the preview below by drag&resize, the preview disappears. When I turn ‘Show Interpolations’ off and refresh, the preview shows up again.

Yes. That plugin is not compatible with G2 yet.

Problems with plugins you can report as an issue on GitHub, but in this case, it is already done: