Preview glyph in vanilla window

Hi everyone!
Is there something for draw a glyph shape inside a vanilla window like mojo.glyphPreview in robofont?

Thanks in advance, best regards.

I’d love to know too. That’ll allow my Instance Slider script to show all instances at once.

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Yes, I recently build one. I had to dig deeper into objective C and scrollView. If you give me some days, I’ll upload a basic template to my GitHub.

Coming in a bit with the name »GlyphView« (as Georg proposed)

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Great! Keep us posted. Thanks a lot!

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Apparently Georg had a look into my draft and immediately added it to the wrapper. So this will be built-in with the next cutting edge update.


it is available in version 854.

from vanilla import *
from GlyphsApp.UI import *
class GlyphViewDemo(object):
	def __init__(self):
		self.w = Window((150, 150))
		l = Font.selectedLayers[0] = GlyphView((10, 10, -10, -10), layer = l)

Awesome, I wil have to wait to the release of 2.3 to use it but thanks for the fast answer.

Best regards!