Preview .glyphs files on iPad

It would be amazing, if you could preview .glyphs files on iOS. Even a barebones preview like Quicklook on Mac would be great. Sometimes I want to check a solution from an old file and don’t have my Mac with me. To me, it would be very useful.

I keep getting these preview Icons in Files, how and why does it even work? Are Mac Icons stored within the files themselves? Anyway, it‘s annoying that all I get is a blank window (of course). It‘s like a room full of your favorite desserts behind a force field :weary:

I looked into this a few time and didn’t find a solution. I keep looking.

I had a look at this. It seems possible with iOS 11. I was amazed to see the icon preview. I have no clue where they are coming from. But the bigger preview popup would be nice indeed. I see what I can do.

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Nice, thanks for looking into it! :slight_smile: