Preview offset not consistent across lines

When I move the cursor down the line, the position of the text in the preview panel keeps moving? Strange, when it is a monospace font.

It’s import for me that the view position behaviour is consistent across lines because I move the cursor up and down and expect the glyphs to be in the same place in order to check for spacing consistency.

3.2 (3198)

This seems to happen only with the fraction characters (*.numr) – is this issue related, are fractions using multiple surrogate characters?

Not sure I understand the problem. The horizontal preview at the bottom also needs to account for the newlines with a little space. So, yes, it will not necessarily jump in increments of the monospace width. If you want to test for that, including multiple behavior, better use Window > Text Preview.

Let me try to clarify, when I move the cursor from line to line, the preview panel text shouldn’t move if the cursor is in the same place for the same lines, for example when I do it for a bunch of letters:

But when I do it for a text with *.numr glyphs (non-unicode encoded), it’s as if there’s more characters than what I’ve typed as the position of the text in the preview panel always moves back:

It doens’t seem to be the case that the issue is the newLine glyph as it doens’t present a problem for unicode encoded glyphs.

Any updates? This makes proofing and kerning hard when I am comparing across lines and need all the reference glyphs in the same position on each line.

Fixed it