Preview Panel Bug (819)

Two problems

When I switch between .glyphs file, the preview panel does not update, only when I switch back it updates but then is the wrong preview. I.e.

  1. I have two files open, A and B.
  2. When I am on A, the preview panel is correct.
  3. When I switch to B, the preview panel is still showing A (I know I need to move a cursor to update the panel but I don’t want to do that because I’m trying to flip back and forth to compare)
  4. When I switch to A again, the panel shows B now.
  5. Now I can flip back and forth but it’s opposite, i.e. when I am focused on A, B is showing in the panel, and vice versa.

Second problem:
I have two .glyphs file open A and B, each with with multiple masters and different number of instances,

  • A has 5 instances
  • B has 4 instances.

When I select an instance in the preview panel, and flip to another .glyphs file, it shows the wrong instance number, i.e.

  • I focus on A select instance #5,
  • then focus on B, move cursor to update preview panel and it’s already showing instance option #5, which happens to be ‘Show All Instances’ — which is because I chose instance #5 in A
  • If I select instance #4 and shift back to A, it will show instance #4.
  • I want to compare Font A Instance #5 with Font B Instance #4, which I can’t do now.

I understand the problem is that Glyphs is not remembering the instances for each glyph file that is open.

Also any update with this?