Preview Panel State not remembered for all tabs

(not referring to the separate window)
G 2.1.1 (789), OS X 10.10.4
Only the first tab remembers the previous preview panel state, i.e.

  1. Create a new file
  2. Open a tab
  3. Activate preview panel
  4. Enter text
  5. Create another tab with text (preview panel is already on as it retained the state/size from first tab)
  6. Save file and close Glyphs App
  7. Re-open file
  8. Glyphs opens at the 2nd tab, without the preview panel on, while in the first tab, the preview panel is open and at the height it was last at.

I think each tab should be consistently on and have the same height. Currently I’m having to go through each tab, activate the preview panel and then match the height of each of them as well (I do this to switch back and forth between tabs to compare things).

Bump, I find it a waste of time to always be re-opening a tab and setting the position, inefficient and should be remembered by the program like it used to.

Until it is fixed, is Window > Preview Panel a viable workaround for you? It needs a little action (selecting will do) to update after you switch tabs. But it is always the same height.

Thanks I have tried it, it’s nice, the shadow gets in the way but I can turn it off with a command in the Terminal — doing a little action every time I switch window is still inefficient… I guess I can use this for now