Preview showing switch to background?

In the latest beta (1.3.24 (513)), it appears I’ve lost the ability to see in the preview area when I switch to the Background.

  1. Edit a glyph.
  2. Cmd-K to copy to background.
  3. Change its contours in obvious ways.
  4. Open the preview at the bottom of the screen.
  5. Hit Cmd-B to switch to the Background.

The letter in the Preview appears with the contours of the main editing layer no matter whether the pane above is set to view that layer or the background.

I find it more useful if the Preview shows the active layer (when the instance dropdown is set to “-”), which I think was the behavior up until this beta. That allows for easy toggling as I’m evaluating a design change.

Actually, there may be bigger problems with updating the Preview pane, as I notice when set to “-” it no longer tracks changes in master on the fly (e.g. Cmd-1, Cmd-2, Cmd-3).

Hmm, now it is. If I figure out what I did to lose that function I’ll post it here…