Previewing Custom Kerns

v1.4.4 [597]

Would it be possible to enable previewing Custom Kern Position results (as set up within a Kern Feature) when using the Text Tool?

As an example, for the word o’clock I want to make the following adjustment for a script font:

pos [o o.alt] [quoteright]’ <-200 -275 0 0> [c];

So I set it up but have to go through generating a font to view the results. I don’t know of another way to preview it – and yes, I did select Kerning at bottom-left of the Preview.

The Features menu is only for previewing GSUB features. The kern feature, like all other GSUB features, is generated at export. This is also when the custom kern is inserted as a separate lookup into the kern feature. So there currently is no other way to preview it.

Set up a sample document in InDesign, set the Adobe Fonts Folder as export destination, and all you need to do is press cmd-E, and see the font update in InDesign.

Currently, yes. Since we can preview when we set up kern pairs, I was hoping maybe this could be added, perhaps in Glyphs 2.0? :-)

I’ll continue as I have until that time, as you suggested.

This still a nice request, perhaps something for Glyphs 3? Or have I missed it? Just started migration to Glyphs 3.

You can use the Text Preview. Select ViewText Preview from the menu.

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It works like a charm. Thank you!