Previewing glyphs

Hi. I’m a newbie to Glyphs. Is there a way to preview glyphs like in Fontlab’s metrics window, where I could type in characters like /cedilla, /ae, /germandbls, etc., which are not on my default keyboard? When I try to do this in Glyphs, it just writes the slash and the rest of the characters, not the way I meant it.
Hope I was clear enough. Thanks.

Use the select Glyph dialog that you can open with cmd+F.

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Also, is there a way to scroll through the glyphs when in a glyph window? To run through the ABC?

Home/End keys (or, on a MacBook, Fn+left/right arrow). Add Shift to stick to the currently displayed selection of glyphs in the Font tab.

This is documented in the Glyphs Handbook.

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