Primitives oddities

A few more things going on with Primitive circles that are strange:

  1. If I draw a circle holding the shift key for constraint then immediately after, without releasing the shift key, try to draw another, Glyphs sometimes:
    a. draws only a single point with a red border;
    b. draws another circle as I expect it to;
    c. draws another circle twice as big as expected;
    d. doesn’t appear to draw anything, but if the mouse is moved slightly in another direction, the circle will appear.

Sometimes the single point with the red border will appear several times in a row, sometimes not.

If I release the Shift Key between circles but press it before dragging for a second circle, the above things can happen. If I press the Shift Key after beginning to drag, Glyphs tends to perform as expected.

  1. The other odd thing that happens as a result of pressing the Shift Key prematurely is that if one presses it, then drags upward, Glyphs will draw the circle downward. Beginning the drag then pressing the Shift Key will allow the circle to be drawn upward.

The red border indicates multiple nodes sharing the same coordinates. So what happened there is a circle constrained to a zero width. For the time being, you can use the ‘delayed Shift’ workaround.

I fixed this, Thanks for reporting.