Printing bugs

Version 1.3.24 (506)
• When printing at ten points the text is usually either blank or printed with negative sidebearings rather than the correct metrics.
• Pages sometimes print an image of the info window rather than text. This seems to have something to do with what is selected or if Glyphs is in edit or text mode.

How do you set the size of the printed text?

There’s a “Font Size” option on the print menu screen.

Ah, thanks. I had to hit the little disclosure triangle to see it. I’d been looking for that setting forever!

Sorry to highjack the thread.

i just printed a few testletters at size 230 and the metrics are (also) negative. had »show measurements« off, but the letters are connecting so i can see without effort.

(newest beta on snow leo)

Mark, can you send me a screenshot or save as PDF from the print dialog?

just tried on another computer, here everything looks fine. will check back tomorrow on the other machine, where this occurred and send you a PDF from that then.

thats weird: now i tried again on the same printer, same mac, same version of glyphs an the print looks exactly the same as the screen preview. For some reason, the printout is a little bit smaller, though it says exactly the same »230 pt« as in the »messed up« print from yesterday.

btw: an idea: how about adding a little checkbox like the »show metrics« that makes a »show glyphname« (and/or layername) – though i think this could be really messy in small size prints. just a thought.