Printing instances


Is there a possibility to print all instances for one letter at once (like in the instances preview window)?

Thanks a lot!

No, not yet.

Is this feature on the roadmap? I would really appreciate the ability to print all instances. I’m just an amateur but after we hosted a Crafting Type workshop I did see how important it is to print early and often in the process.

Maybe if this is not a planned feature it is something I could learn to script during mekkablue’s Python workshop at TypeCon? :slight_smile:

In the meantime: What is wrong with printing from InDesign? Are you aware of the Adobe Fonts folder?

@mekkablue There is nothing inherently wrong with printing from InDesign; but printing directly from Glyphs is fast and allows me to include metrics with my print-outs (love this feature). I am thinking more about the early stages of drawing letters and spacing them - testing generated font files would come later in my workflow.

I’d like to revive this question and ask about possibilities of printing the instance.
I’m using the filter trick of how to make a monoline font tutorial

Please use the Adobe Fonts folder: