Private User Area glyphs


I am creating a font with different stylistic alternates. It support CALT feature. Here is an example of the names:

Is any chance to apply PUA for such glyphs like: a.fina a.fina.ss01 a.init etc

I know how to generate new glyph within PUA but have no idea how to apply initital/swash names like a.init a.swsh and keep PUA. Is that possible?

Thanks in advance!

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You don’t wanna add PUA codes for this glyphs. If they are accessible by a feature they shouldn’t have a unicode at all.

But if you really need it (maybe for support in old apps), you set “Use custom naming” in Font Info > Other Settings. Then you can edit the unicode field in the glyph info box in font view.

Thanks Georg,

  1. I set “Use custom naming”
  2. Can’t find where to edit the unicode field.

I can see unicode for standard letters but not for custom ones:

You can edit the unicode in the lower left info area of the font view (the first tab).

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