Problem exporting font: "makeotfGlyphs"


I’ve exported a UFO file from FontLab (with RoboFab) of a font that I’ve been working on that I want to migrate to Glyphs.

Unfortuantely, for some reason when I attempt to later export this to .otf, or compile the OpenType code, I get errors that say only “makeotfGlyphs” and nothing else.

What do I do in this situation?

I recommend Georg’s Export macro for Fontlab. You can find it on his Github page.

Hey Mekkablue. I tried that. Unfortunately, same problem when I export it with that script. Glyphs throws me an error saying nothing oher than “makeotfGlyphs.”


Please send me the .glyphs file: my forum nickname at me dot com.

Alright. Sent it to you. Thanks.

There was a problem with a glyph name which contained a space. Admittedly, the error message is not very descriptive. I’ll file a feature request.

For future reference, I wrote a blogpost about glyph names.

I’m trying to export a font, but i’ve that error too. can anyone help me to fix that? i should export it tonight cause it’s a college work.

Did you check your glyph names?

Can you open the temp folder (Script Menu > Open Script Folder > Temp) find the subfolder for the font you are trying to export and double click the generateFont.command file? What does the terminal window say?

What version of Glyphs do you have?