Problem Exporting in Glyphs 2.2

I’ve never had this problem before, but I did recently update Glyphs to 2.2 and I’m thinking that has to be the reason for the issue? The problem I’m having is this:

I have a font with four masters and four instances. In the info panel, the font name is defined and then style names are defined for each of the instances. For example say my font family is named Bob, I have the styles as Oblique, Upright, Papercut, Rough.

When I export, the files are named appropriately with the font family name and the style name, so for example Bob-Upright.otf and Bob-Papercut.otf etc. for all four instances.

But in all programs (Adobe Illustrator, Textedit, and even in Type Zebra (online font tester), each instance has the same name: just Bob.

I’ve restarted my computer, re-exported, cleaned my font caches, etc. But no luck.

I exported this exact same font last week before I updated Glyphs and it exported just fine. Can someone help?!

I should add - I exported it last week as Bob3 and this week as Bob4 in all of the above instances Bob should say Bob4, but I was trying to be concise. :smile:

I just released a new version that should fix this.

Thank you, Georg. That did fix it.