Problem generating a complex pattern

I was trying many ways to export this font/pattern without success. Removing or not ovelaps in the app or when export.
When I try to use it is all broken. I also tried doing the font with just one glyph.
The fill stroke is 3 units.

If I do the pattern with 6 units and merge before export I have a more decent result but its too heavy for what I need.

Any idea how to fix that? Thanks!

Can’t really help, but i just tried a similar pattern and remove overlap worked well and did what you’d expect.
App Version: 2.5b (1111)

I cannot reproduce the problems. The font exports fine for me and this is a screenshot from InDesign. Except for some grid rounding errors that cause the stroke to thicken a little in some spots, I cannot see any problems. Consider a higher UPM (2000 should suffice):

The screenshot you posted looks like hinting is still on.

Could yiu send me the geberated file? Thabks!

It seems like my problem was that illustrator GPU preview was off…

Try disabling subroutines. And make sure to disable hinting.