Problem Importing GentiumPlus Font

I am beginning a project using’s GentiumPlus.ttf (v1.5.10) as a starting point. I opened it up in Fontlab Studio 5 and ran the “Glyphs Export” macro to put it in a format suitable for importing into Glyphs. However, when the macro runs the following error is emitted: “‘ascii’ codec can’t decode byte 0xe2 in position 9336214: ordinal not in range(128)”. When I open the .glyphs file it looks like it is choking early during the dump of the Fontlab OpenType Panel. Has anyone been able to import the GentiumPlus font into Glyphs or might someone have an idea how to proceed from here?
– Steve.

This sounds like a bad glyph or font name somewhere in there. Try opening the TTF with Glyphs directly.

This usually is caused by some Unicode characters in the font info. I’ll have a look.

There was indeed a problem with a character in the feature code of the mark feature. In the second last line there is a emdash. Remove it and the error goes away. But there is another small problem that I had to fix. And you would need to convert the trueType outlines before you export from FLS.

Hello All. Wow. That was fast! I struggled around a bit and found a few oddball characters in the c2sc and smcp features, as well (right before the text ‘IPA convention’. In a pique I just deleted all the ‘mark’ feature code, so in the end – I just deleted most of the openType features of the font, since the ‘ccmp’ wouldn’t compile either. Maybe I can put them back in some day… Anyway, I’m working on the project in Glyphs, now, so I’ll post my next problem in another thread. Many Thanks!