Problem making components with certain diacritical combinations

I’m having a hard time understanding what to do with certain component glyphs not being positioned as they should. It seems that the problems are all stemming only from characters with a diacritical mark below the character as well as above. See screenshot of example below:

Is there any way to utilize automatic alignment in these instances without this issue? If not, do I just have to either disable auto alignment for those instances and manually adjust their positions?

Where did you place the anchors in the a, the top mark, and the below mark?

I didn’t realize that I needed (or could) add a “_below” anchor for each mark and component. I think that solves it for me, I just have to mess around with it. Thanks, @mekkablue, I’ll post here if I run into any other issues with this!

You may also want to look at some of the tutorials that mention diacritics:

The Glyphs Handbook may also have useful information:

@composerjk Thanks for the links—I hadn’t seen some of those tutorials before—I especially find the “.narrow” diacritic mark tutorial insightful!