Problem opening a file

I can’t open the glyphs file I working on anymore. I saved and closed it yesterday without any problems whatsoever … but today it’s broken.

Here is a screenshot of the error-code I get:

Is there anything I can do to get this file working again?

Thanks!, Steffen

Glyphs files are text based. So you can open them in a text editor and see if you can spot the problem. This is quite difficult, through.

Can you send me the file, then I can try to recover it and fix Glyphs that it does not happen again.


Many thanks! I’m going to email it to you …


Hi guys!
Unfortunatelly I jus had the same problem. I was working on a file and in the next day I couldn’t open it. Glyphs is still working with other (new) files, but as soon as I try to open the file that I need it doesn’t open.
Would like to avoid to annoy you with this but I guess you’re the only ones who could help me.
Should I e-mail you the file?

Thanks in advance!

Please. Send it to support (at) (this website without www).