Problem opening certain Postscript Type1 fonts

For some reason, I have this error pops up when trying to open a particular postscript 1 font in glyphsapp:

The document “MasshBolRou” could not be opened. Error while reading the document: {Font Path}
(*** -[NSMutableIndexSet addIndexesInRange:]: Range {18446744073709530703, 1} exceeds maximum index value of NSNotFound - 1 )

Is there a way to fix this?

What version of Glyphs do you have? Please try the latest curling edge version. If that gives the same error, please send me the font file

Hi Georg,

I have downloaded the latest cutting edge version: 2.6.4 (1277) and tried to open the font file, but still receiving the same error.

Edit: I have sent an email with the attachment to the support address.