Problem when starting project with New From Glyph Sets (Arabic only)

When I start a project from “New From Glyph Sets” selecting Arabic Basic and Basic shapes only, the glyph transformation does not work and I get the message as in the image on the link below:

If any other glyph set is added to the initial template (I tested Latin and Hebrew) the problem does not occur.

I have noted this behavior after the last update. I have also recently installed a trial version of Mark Fromberg’s “Variable Font Preview 3”. I removed it when the problem started, but the removal made no difference.

For my month’s worth of a project, I have a workaround by copying all glyphs to a fresh template initiated with an Arabic/Latin glyph sets combination. I hope that works, but I think it is worth that Glyphs look into the problem.

As transformation origin, you set the cap height. But there is no cap height defined.

Indeed it does work by changing the transformation origin. I did not know that :sweat_smile:. I never used cap height as origin because my work is basically on the Arabic script. Wonder how that little dot got clicked.

Many thanks!

You can redefine the type of one of the Arabic metrics to Cap Height, and then it should work as well. But I do not know if that makes any sense in Arabic type design. You decide :slight_smile:

It makes good sense and is very useful to know. Will try it.

Many thanks again :grinning:

I added a better error message.