Problem with alternate Final Hebrew glyphs

I have a problem creating alternate glyphs for final Hebrew glyphs.
This is something that only happened in Glyphs 3.

When duplicating a final Hebrew glyph (like ‘finalmem-hb’) to create an alternate, the glyph name changes to ‘memFinal-hb.001’ and I can’t create a stylistic set or change the glyph name.

Please help!
See a screenshot attached.

Can you select the ‘finalmen’ and run Glyph > update glyph info?

I did that, and it changed the original ‘finalmem-hb’ to ‘memFinal-hb’ and it did the same to all final glyphs (‘finalnun-hb’ became ‘nunFinal-hb’ etc.).

The unicodes stay the same, but is it ok that the final glyphs now have a different name? I need to change all my side barrings now, because finalmem-hb is my control character (like H in Latin…).

Is there a way to keep the original default names?

Can this name issue affect the users of the font in any way?

That renaming was the plan. That should cause less confusion with the alternate glyphs.

Thanks a lot!