Problem with compiling

Hey there. Havent played with my font in a while and i just went to use it again. Attached I have screenshots. There is the little red exclamation point next to the features and when I go to compile it says “there is a problem with the font” Last time I used this font all the features were working seamlessly! Please help

You get a detailed report when you double click the generate font command. Please read this tutorial:

Also, did you verify your export settings? (Autohinting?)

This isnt for exporting. Usually im able to activate my features to tweak and type my font. I tried following the tutorial you linked but how do I imput a
“makeotf” command in the terminal? I dont see a cursor!

What version if MacOS and Glyphs do you have?

Lol just updated and its back to normal! Thanks for the support as always though!!