Problem with export in Glyphs 2.3b

I can see weird error messages ferering to Features (even there are completely empty).

Can you be more specific? Send the error message and if possible the .glyphs file (to support at this domain)?

Hi Georg, here is an example of the error message. But the Features are empty.

Btw. where can I send you the glyphs file?

That is a problem in the mark feature. Does the “commaaccentcomb” glyphs has multiple anchors?

Send it to support at this domain.

Edit: removed link to file.

You have a duplicate glyph.

  1. Delete commaaccentcomb
  2. Rename commaaccent to commaaccentcomb

But why this cause problem just in the new version of Glyphs. It does export it without any errors in Glyphs1.

Because G1 did not recognize the name commaaccentcomb. The name without the comb is the legacy version, but it is linked to the same glyph info.