Problem with features

Hi, I’m totally new here and, despite working as a graphic designer for years now, totally new to the field of type design. I started to play around with an existing font for personal use and basically to get into the whole thing and into the way Glyphs is working. And here’s where my first problem came up. Every time I try to export the font as OTF I get this message:
“Fehler: »lookup name “lookup_0” already defined« im Feature tnum in Zeile: 31”.
I looked up the feature and it says:
sub [] [space comma period colon semicolon]’ [] lookup lookup_0 ;
Can anybody tell me what it does? When I delete the feature the OTF-Export works just fine. I’d just like to know what I am deleting, meaning, what I am doing, before I go on.

I’d appreciate any help, advise on this.

You opened an existing font, right? The OpenType features need to be reverse-engineered when you do that. The software does the best it can, but there are limits. Inrecommend you turn on automation in each feature, and perhaps adapt glyph names.

Recommended reading: There is a tutorial called Import existing fonts.

This issue is fixed in the latest cutting edge version.

Thanks, I’ll get into that :slight_smile: