Problem with floats in macro

I created easy script in DrawBot, which I implemented to glyphs’ macro.
Following function (“getLut”) has a problem with counting floats: macro interprates "x/100 " as zero.
I tried to convert x/100 to floats [ float(x/100) ], still nothing.

 def getLut(P1,P2,P3,P4):
    tablica = []
    for x in range(1,100):
        print x #test
        print x/100 #test
        tablica.append( geneticBezierBetter(3,x/100,[P1.x,P2.x,P3.x,P4.x],[P1.y,P2.y,P3.y,P4.y]) )
        return tablica

Here’re my files:
1)glyphs file called “test”
2) python files, which work only with “test” file (17.2 KB)

I cannot find solution for this issue, so I would appreciate your help :slight_smile:

PS. “” file works fine with glyphsapp, but in this file I cheated by avoiding operations on floats. I’m interested in using floats

Try ‘x/100.0’.

Damn :smiley: It was easy, I feel stupid