Problem with generating an otf from a ufo with a makeotf command on terminal


I have been trying to generate an otf from a ufo using the makeotf command on terminal. However each time I get the following error

makeotf [Error] Failed to convert input font ‘xyz.ufo’ to temp file ‘xyz.ufo.tmp’ with tx.
tx converting to T1 font: <tx: — xyz.ufo
tx: (ufr) Warning: entering dict when already in dict, in fontinfo.plist file. Context: ‘y>


tx: (ufr) Encountered end of buffer before end of glyph.0.
tx: fatal error

I recognise that this is a clunky workflow, but I was able to generate a functional .otf just weeks ago. The only change to my file has included updates to the kerning and a few changes to the glyphs using the bracket trick. I’ve checked the names and every other aspect of the drawings and they all seem to be compatible masters.

This is just the last leg of me project here, so I’m hoping you can help me regarding this.
Thank you!

What exactly are you doing. How do you get from the .ufo to the command?