Problem with Intersect Path

Is it a bug or am I doing something wrong?

The following dummy example happens in both the UI and via Python scripting.

a is the starting point, b is the result

  1. as expected:

  2. as expected:

  3. This is where it fails:

    3 :: expected result:

It seems when the path beneath the one that is used for the intersection consists of more than one path, the operation fails to do its job.

Please note, that a similar setup with an o-shape does work properly, even though the middle scenario (2) would also intersect 2 paths, meaning the left and right flanks of the /o. But in that case, these 2 paths that the intersecting rectangle “sees” are connected outside of the “vision” of the intersecting rectangle.

I cannot think of a way to circumvent this on the user side. Is there a way?

fixed it.

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Thanks a ton! :smiley: