Problem with overlap when exporting

Hi, I am trying to export my new font and I am getting an arrow saying there is pro
“something went wrong when removing overlap” from my rcaron glyph

and yet there seems to be nothing wrong with that glyph at all as you can see from the screenshot all the instances are working and the shapes are in the right order …

thanks fir the help !


Can you re-upload the screenshot?

And can you check the path direction of all shapes in that glyph?

Hi George,

Thanks for you response . Yes here are the screenshots, as you can see all the elements of the rcaron - the r and the caron are all instancing and there doesn’t seem to be any problems . it also jumps something and changes to just the r or the racute with the same problem … and again nothing sees ti be wrong with any of them

I might be the corner comports in the “r” that is causing the issue. Can you send me the file that I can have a look?