Problem with printing

I’m having trouble with a font, at the time of printing it looks in low resolution. I’ve fixed a problem in part, but it’s still going on. The font has a previous version, made in fontlab.

I attached to picture.

Img 1

Img 2

Are you using Adobe Indesign?
I had similar issues because “Print as Bitmap” is now often on by default. You find it in Print -> Advanced.

Thanks for your comment, but the problem is that if you can see the images is the same font but different versions. The Fontlab is clearly defined and the redrawing in Glyph is seen in low resolution.

I have printed it in InDesign and Illustrator, same problem

I noticed the logo is also low-res in one printing. Are you absolutely certain it is a font problem? I tend to think not.

The logo is inserted in the font. I am very sure to test in different programs and impressions.

Looks like a printer driver or setting problem. You have not answered Miriam’s question: What is your Print as Bitmap setting?

Hello !! thanks for comment

I have checked it, print without marking Print as Bitmap" and even so I had the same results: /

Can you try to export an PDF and print it? If it shows the same problem, can you send use the .pdf and both font files?